TLU - Holistic United
TLU - Holistic United
TLU - Holistic United
TLU - Holistic United



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Vitamins A, C and E for the maintenance of good health
• Helps to maintain eyesight, skin, membranes, and immune function
• Helps in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth, gums and night vision
• Aids in wound healing and connective tissue formation
• An antioxidant for the maintenance of good health
• Helps to prevent vitamin A, C and E deficiency by providing 8,000 IU of vitamin A, 400 mg of vitamin C, and 120 IU of vitamin E per daily dose

TLU is a blend of vitamins A, C, and E that also contains Bos taurus lung as a complementary ingredient. Vitamin A helps maintain the skin’s barrier integrity by:
1) increasing the proliferation of dividing cells in the epidermis; 2) compacting the outer epidermal layer that consists of dead cells; 3) increasing the number of glycosaminoglycans – polysaccharides that help hydrate the skin.1 Vitamin C is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, the primary structural protein found in connective tissue.2 Collagen is also the main protein involved in wound healing, and deficiencies in vitamin C may lead to impaired healing of wounds.2 As the most important aqueous antioxidant, vitamin C donates electrons to prevent free radical damage to DNA.3 Vitamin E is also a valuable antioxidant, and its primary role is to donate electrons to decrease the oxidation of LDL and lipid membranes.3 The stable vitamin E radical produced can be recycled by vitamin C, demonstrating how these two vitamins synergistically help maintain good health.3