Genestra Brands provide a comprehensive range for individualized or condition-specific treatment and provides a full line of natural health products. These items are offered in a variety of formats (liquids, capsules, powders, chewables, tablets, creams etc). They offer a complete line of HMF Probiotics. HMF Forte, HMF Super Powder, HMF Multi Strain, HMF Intensive and HMF Fit for School to name a few. Their Super EFA and Super DHA fish oil products are prime examples of other quality items. Genestra Brands is known for their quality and we invite you to check out these products today.

Genestra Brands offer over 350+ comprehensive ranges of products that can be used to achieve health through natural means. Their products can be used for condition-specific or individualized treatments.

Genestra has been a household name for the last 27 years, dedicating its services to make lives better. Their products pass extensive testing for potency and purity to make sure they deliver as they claim. Many licensed healthcare professionals recommend using Genestra to fulfill nutritional needs that cannot be attained through food.

Genestra Brands- making strides in natural care

Made with the purest raw ingredients, Genesta probiotics are making waves in the healthcare market. HMF probiotics are devleoped for children and adults that can be taken in either tablet or powder form. It contains probiotic strains and Vitamin C to aid immunity in children.

Another popular product is TAD+, a multi-nutrient glandular formation with essential vitamins and minerals and spleen and adrenal powder. All healthy individuals can further enhance their health with the Genestra D-Mulsion, which contains easily absorbable liquid vitamin D supplements for strong bones and healthy teeth.

Genestra provides multifarious products catering to every aspect of living a healthy life by pushing its boundaries beyond limits.

353 products

353 products