Unlocking the Power of Consciousness: A Journey Through Dr. David Hawkins' "Power vs Force"

Unlocking the Power of Consciousness: A Journey Through Dr. David Hawkins' "Power vs Force"

power vs force

Consciousness is a powerful force that has the potential to unlock infinite possibilities. This power is something that has been explored extensively by Dr. David Hawkins in his book, Power vs Force. In this book, Dr. Hawkins explores the connection between consciousness and power and how understanding our consciousness can help us to tap into greater strength than we ever thought possible.

At the beginning of his book, Dr. Hawkins introduces the concept of “power” and “force” as two distinct energies. He argues that power is an energy that gives off an aura of potential, while force is an energy that comes from fear or aggression and carries with it feelings of oppression or domination. He then goes on to explain how understanding these different forms of energy can help us to unlock the power of consciousness in our lives.

Dr. Hawkins states that when we are able to recognize our higher level of consciousness and the power within it, we are able to channel this energy into positive actions which will bring us success, peace, joy and satisfaction in life. He explains that once we become aware of this inner strength, we can learn how to tap into it more effectively so that it can be used for good instead of harm or chaos.

He also discusses the various levels of consciousness which range from low levels such as apathy and ignorance up to higher levels such as spiritual understanding and enlightenment. He explains how cultivating a heightened sense of awareness will allow us access to our inner power which he refers to as “the eye opening experience” where we begin to see things from a new perspective with a fresh set of eyes – thereby unlocking the true potential within us all.

In addition to discussing ways in which one can access their own inner power, Dr. Hawkins also talks about other specific techniques for tapping into this state including meditation, visualization exercises and even taking time out from everyday life in order to focus on connecting with one’s true self or soul purpose. All these methods are presented in an approachable way making them easy for readers who want to explore their own inner power further without feeling overwhelmed by abstract concepts or theories.

Ultimately, Power vs Force is an inspirational read full of wisdom and insight into unlocking the immense potential within each one of us through recognizing our own level of conscious awareness and utilizing it not just for ourselves but also those around us too! Through Dr David Hawkin's teachings we can feel empowered knowing that there is always more strength inside us than we think – even during times when it seems impossible – allowing us all take control over our lives instead merely letting life take control over us!


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