Boost Ocean Minerals
Boost Ocean Minerals
Boost Ocean Minerals
Boost Ocean Minerals
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Boost Ocean Minerals

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Only Available in USA and Australia

Boost Ocean Mineral Complex offers a more concentrated dose of the same essential minerals and trace elements you’ll find in Charge — but without the added flavor.

  • Enhancing your hydration
  • Strengthening your bones
  • Boosting your energy levels
  • Speeding your recovery
  • Replenishing magnesium
  • Soothing muscle aches
  • Protecting your organs

Boost is a super Concentrated Ocean Mineral Complex sourced from the purest Ocean water off the Southern Coast of Australia.

Naturally concentrated by the sun and harvested from the ocean, Boost takes three full years to go from pure seawater to concentrated minerals.

Add it to any drink you want and it won’t change the flavor — but it will deliver a full spectrum of nano trace minerals to the dehydrated cells throughout your body.