Refund policy

DENIAL AND CANCELLATION OF ORDERS reserves the right to deny and cancel orders anytime after placement, for any reason, at our sole discretion. You will be notified by email, to the email address given during checkout of the decision made by to cancel your order. Should your order be cancelled, will not be obligated to fulfill/ship your order. After cancellation has taken place, will return all monies exchanged, back to the original payment method used during checkout.

Orders may be denied and cancelled in whole, or in part by for any the following reasons (though not limited to):

  • -Limited product quantities available to fulfill your order
  • -Inaccuracies or errors related to product within your order
  • -Suspected intent to resell
  • -Shipping to any of following locations: warehouses, freight forwarding businesses, hotels/motels
  • -Product Recalls, affecting an item within your order
  • -Issues determined by's fraud prevention department