Unity is Strength

We bring together health professionals to reflect on the journey of becoming a health care provider, share stories about our experience, and spark a movement to promote holistic medicine, so that we can keep our sense of purpose alive, cultivate a meaningful practice, and bring joy to our lives by nurturing our ability to care for others.

Uniting the Global Holistic Health Care Movement

By uniting practitioners from every corner of the globe, each practitioner is helping to develop, organize and evolve the state of health care in the world. 

Our Core principles

1. Honour Others: Deal fairly and view people in a positive way, being aware of your words and actions.

2. Support Yourself: Advocate for your rights and the rights of other holistic professionals.

3. Honour Your Practice: Respect your treatment, keep learning of new techniques, and have regard for your peers.

4. Express Professionalism: always Behave ethically and professionally.

5. Foster Change: Advocate for changes in law, societal attitudes, and the media to ensure holistic approaches to health receive respect and acceptance.

6. Foster Connections: Holistic practitioners should be committed to forming partnerships with other healthcare professionals to create a truly holistic ecosystem of care.