Immune Support during COVID-19


Renée Ford, clinical nutritionist and educator, takes an in-depth look at the relationship between nutrition, viral infection, and personal health management. 

Extensive clinical experience has fostered in her a precision and accuracy for prescribing appropriate nutraceutical supplementation and custom tailored nutritional programs, particularly for individuals requiring exceptional diets due to high- stress daily exposure , such as those in emergency response, professional athletes, physical labourers’ and business owners. 

Renée has over 17 years of hands-on experience in her field. Empowering individuals with customized health education, compassion and devoted care, Renée navigates the holistic health  industry with untarnished professionalism.  She carries an exemplary record for helping individuals overcome the limitations of chronic inflammation and disease and is trained  in sports nutrition, performance, brain function and cognition, with a specialty in orthomolecular medicine. 


Vitamin C is essential for immune function. It nourishes and activates white blood cells.   White blood cells kill viral and bacterial invaders.  Virus growth is inhibited with the presence of Vitamin C; it helps in cellular clean up of toxic bi-products and oxidative damage. Inside the cell, vitamin C protects against the damage caused by its own infection-fighting compounds. It is an important factor in wound healing, bile and hormone production, detoxification and nutrient absorption.  

We human beings lack the ability to manufacture vitamin C. We obtain this essential vitamin from our diets alone.  Animal studies have demonstrated that our immune systems require a 600% increase of Vitamin C during times of intense psychological or physical stress. Vitamins C’s infection fighting action is perhaps its most impressive property.

Mushrooms contain a full spectrum of constituents: 55% polysaccharides, 5% fatty acid’s, 6% protein, enzymes, antioxidants and prebiotic’s to promote respiratory, digestive, circulatory, cellular, Lymphatic and systemic functions essential to immune health. Mushrooms richly support the body in adaption to physical, mental and environmental stress.

Probiotics are essential in repopulating the intestinal wall with healthy microflora. The immune system is highly dependent on healthy intestinal microflora (good bacteria)

Cod Liver Oil contains high concentrations of Vitamins A and D; essential to the health of mucosal linings in the sinuses and throat. This oil is important for brain, skin/immune and cardiac health. The Essential fats found in COD liver oil reduce inflammation, mobilize visceral fat (that which builds up around organs), lowers bad cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar and protects against cellular breakdown.

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