Blog Review: Understanding Menopausal Symptoms by Monazza Ahmad, B.Pharm, MSc

Blog Review: Understanding Menopausal Symptoms by Monazza Ahmad, B.Pharm, MSc


Menopause – the word alone is enough to conjure up a whirlpool of emotions and thoughts for many women. And Monazza Ahmad, in her recent article "Difference between vasomotor and other symptoms of menopause," unpacks this rather complex subject with the clarity and sensitivity it deserves.

Ahmad's article is more than just an informational piece; it's a compassionate hand extended towards women battling their way through the labyrinth of menopause. She skillfully breaks down medical jargon, explaining terms like 'vasomotor symptoms', and offers readers a better understanding of what their bodies might be experiencing during this phase of life.

Ahmad's choice to dive into the vasomotor symptoms is particularly noteworthy. This category of symptoms, including hot flashes and night sweats, is arguably one of the most disorienting facets of menopause, affecting a significant percentage of women. Ahmad does an excellent job of demystifying the mechanics behind these changes, making the process feel a little less alien and a lot more manageable.

Her discussion of the emotional and social impact of these symptoms doesn't go unnoticed either. Ahmad eloquently underlines the decline in the quality of life many women experience due to menopausal symptoms - an aspect that is often glossed over in medical literature. She explores the wide-ranging effects of menopause, from physical discomfort to strained relationships and feelings of anxiety, providing a holistic view of the menopause experience.

And perhaps the most empowering aspect of this article is the exploration of potential relief options. Ahmad doesn't sugarcoat the challenges or promise miracle cures; instead, she presents a balanced array of options, ranging from hormonal replacement therapy to lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements. This part of the article reinforces the idea that while menopause might be inevitable, suffering in silence isn't.

Ahmad's reference to Rheum rhaponticum (ERr 731®), a non-hormonal solution for alleviating menopausal symptoms, also offers readers a different perspective on managing menopause, and the information she provides on lifestyle and nutrition complements the medical perspective.

As a whole, this article serves as an invaluable resource for women grappling with menopause and their allies. With her candid discussion of symptoms and various treatment options, Ahmad creates a safe space for understanding and navigating menopause. Readers will come away better equipped to discuss their symptoms with healthcare providers, potentially leading to more effective treatment plans.

What really seals the deal is the author's credentials. Ahmad's background in pharmacy and health communication, coupled with her experience in community pharmacies and health organizations, lends authority to her advice. Her current work in internal sales at Metagenics and pursuit of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification solidify her status as a reliable source for health and wellness information.

In the end, "Difference between vasomotor and other symptoms of menopause" serves as a beacon of understanding and a call to action. It's a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the ins and outs of menopause and how to weather its storms.

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    Please send me more info on menopause please…esp on how to control hotflashes and night sweats. Thanks in advance.

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